Implementation Notes


Who Needs an ABI?

This project presents a nifty implementation of type_index with some features you will love:

  • Canonical typename format consistent across all compilers
  • Access to typename tokens so you can hate on my canonical format however you want.
  • Efficient creation, hashing, and typename retrieval- most of the work is done at compile time and this project doesn’t even use the keyword virtual.

The premise of this project is that the C++ type system, generalized constexpr functions, and the rock-solid and minimalist C ABI can bootstrap a pretty awesome subset of the things a C++ ABI would be used for.

#include <cassert>
#include <wnaabi/type_info.hpp>

using namespace wnaabi;
namespace bar { struct baz; }

int main()
  assert(type_info<bar::baz>::name_tokens(runtime_visitors::stringify_t{}).str == "bar::baz");

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